Do I need a PC or laptop-computer to run the Curatron 2000PC?

The Curatron 2000 PC will operate as a standalone unit with ten built-in programs. Our XP, XPSE and HT models are completely autonomous systems, which runs without laptop or PC. contains already 10 Master programs (each divided again into sub-programs) which run completely automatically. The PC Model, when connected to a PC offers 60+ programs and you can compile your own programs you will need a PC or Laptop, which is then connected to the unit.

Other systems have many more knobs, so they are better?

Keep It Simple Stupid!

On the contrary, our engineers and programmers suffered many sleepless nights in order to reduce any control function, which might confuse the user.

This lead to the development of completely automatic programs controlled by the built-in computer system.

The system is extremely easy to use and has only 4 controls: start, stop, pause and program number.

How do I know that more oxygen is distributed through my body?

Evaluation has been done by means of thermography (measuring the heat coming from a body made by means of infrared technology).

We can clearly see the differences between a temperature scan before and after PEMF treatment. The differences in color distribution clearly show an increased perfusion and thus increase of oxygen supply.

What can I expect?

There are hundreds of studies, which show a wide variety of applications of pulsing electromagnetic fields (PEMF).

Many studies confirm that if some basic rules are being observed, with respect to the applied therapy parameters and the use of correct equipment, the benefits for the patient are substantial. Overall success rate for this form of therapy varies between 50 and 80 %. Evaluation of more than 3000 patients at a large university hospital using Curatron systems has shown an overall success rate of 87% !

Why do I need more than one program?

There is no human being exactly like the other and we are all unique with unique differences.

This means that it is impossible to know in advance if the same treatment parameters will work for all people the same way! In order to be sure that we will get the best possible effects we need different program possibilities, hence the choice out of 10 different Master programs for the Curatron systems!


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